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The Facts about Indiana Home Insurance

Do you live in Indiana? Whether your home’s an apartment in Fishers, a house in Carmel, or a condo in Indianapolis, proper home insurance protects your valuable assets. Farms require special policies not discussed in this article.

Insurance companies offer five basic varieties of homeowners insurance to serve renters, and house or condominium owners. Each of these options includes liability insurance to defend and pay for losses associated with maintaining a premise. The differences regard the type of property covered and for what perils:

For houses:

For apartments:

For Condominiums:

Choosing the right policy type to best suit your budget and risk tolerance requires expertise. In the greater Indianapolis area, including Carmel and Fishers, Realty Group Insurance provides knowledge and experience to design your best insurance package for a reasonable quote.

Today’s economy demands stretching your premium dollar. Shopping your homeowners insurance is one way to achieve that goal; however, be cautious about losing valuable coverage in the process. Uncovered claims cost more than a few premium dollars saved.

Realty Group Insurance can design the proper coverage and then compare quotes from many top carriers to assure your best overall insurance purchase and protection.